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TTT: Train the Trainer

I started my venture into enablement through the Sales Training entry point, and as such, I have been through multiple TTT (train-the-trainer) programs. They typically follow a similar structure.

I've created my own internal processes for succession and sustainability plans in having back up trainers and ensuring quality of subject matter expert facilitators.

I've recently onboarded a few new people to take over existing programs so this format has been helpful to provide structure through their ramping process. Here's the 4-step process I follow:

  1. Participation: Have the new facilitator join the session as a participant. They should take notes on points of facilitation vs instruction, identify opportunities for engagement and call out points of confusion. Upon completion of this initial participation, begin drafting a facilitator guide with speaking notes and reminders for activities. Feel free to add a dry-run with the original facilitator or leader to work through any points of contention.

  2. Co-facilitation: Have the new facilitator co-present with the original facilitator. Assign the new facilitator a mix of sections that are quick wins to build confidence and some of the tougher portions to navigate in a safe space with support in the room.

  3. Observed facilitation: While the new facilitator is leading the session, the original should be taking copious notes for feedback. Leverage a standard training feedback form to ensure a structured and productive conversation. Only chime in for support when engaged.

  4. Full ownership: After the facilitator has received sufficient marks on their feedback form. Give ample freedom to run the program independently and be a sounding board to reflect on challenges or ideas for altering content to continuously enhance the learning experience.

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