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Internal Partnerships for the Enablement Tech Stack

There is often grey area regarding overlap of Revenue Enablement and Revenue Operations. Because this partnership is so critical for success, it's also crucial to ensure clarity for roles and responsibilities. One area of interest is around the enablement tech stack - and for this, IT teams will even play a part!

While the partnership may vary depending on how your team is structured, here are the core components to consider and guidance on which team will likely demonstrate ownership. Clarity is the name of the game; once decisions are made - socialize the responsibility matrix so stakeholders and team members engage appropriately.


  • Content Strategy

  • Roll out and implementations

  • Ongoing CSM Relationship

  • Training

  • Roadmap for Optimization

Revenue Operations

  • Integrations

  • Alignment with sales process

  • Setting up reporting mechanism

  • Renewal conversations & Licensing


  • SSO & Provisioning

  • User Management

  • Routing of Tickets

What's missing from this list or additional grey area in the internal technical partnerships? Drop a note in the comments below with your thoughts.

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