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Yellow Flowers and Laptop

This template was created in partnership with Dave Lichtman of Enablematch when he joined the NYC Sales Enablement meeting to discuss career development. 


Jess Arias, Sales Training Manager at Vimeo, shares a template Onboarding Facilitator Guide to create consistent messaging when leveraging multiple presenters. 

Cactus on Yellow Wall

Jess Arias, Sales Training Manager at Vimeo, shares a sample feedback form used to follow a training session.

Examples + Templates

This content was created by practitioners and shared for other practitioners. Use these examples and templates to serve as inspiration for common enablement initiatives and never reinvent the wheel the again! 

Categories include: 

  • Activities 

  • Certifications

  • Data Strategies 

  • Enablement Department Charters

  • Enablement Job Descriptions 

  • Onboarding Plans

  • Surveys/Forms

  • Training/Facilitation

What's missing?! Do you have feedback or a great template to share with the community?

Email me at!

Vendor Content

This section links out to the Enablement Enthusiast Pinterest page to share access to reputable vendor content like eBooks and guides. Sick of signing up for all the newsletters that clutter your inbox? Now, there's no need! 

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