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eLearning Peer Review

When growing a team that represent unique business units it can be challenging to not duplicate efforts. At hyper-growth organizations, scale is crucial for success. We've implemented a peer review process with our eLearning content - not only for quality control, but also to keep a pulse on what content is scalable. This helps us break up content intro a scaled introduction that each GTM team can leverage, followed by role-specific nuance as needed. Regarding the quality side, we focus on brevity, clarity, engagement, and style/formatting. Below are the elements that I ask the team to provide feedback on to ensure we all have the same idea of what good looks like!


  • Course information is concise and easy to understand.

  • Short breaks are included throughout the course.

  • Individual course completion time is kept under 30 minutes (including time to watch videos, listen to audio, etc.)


  • Course is organized in teach / show / do structure.

  • Course objectives are clearly defined and stated. (Objectives include vocabulary from Blooms taxonomy)

  • Action items and key takeaways are clearly stated.

  • Sections relate back to one of the stated objectives.

  • WIIFM is clearly defined throughout the course.

  • Sign-off (resources, quick recap)


  • Course includes a variety of media elements (video, audio, docs, etc.)

  • Knowledge checks or challenges are included in each section.

  • Course is designed with all learning styles in mind (kinesthetic, auditory, visual)

  • Activities relate to return on effort


  • Other target audiences that could consume the content are considered (upstream/downstream partners on GTM teams)

  • Scaled content is separated into an associated micro-learning that can be shared with cross-functional enablement team members

Style / Format

  • Course is aligned with company branding.

  • Text formatting is consistent throughout the course (heading/body font sizes, underlines, bold).

  • Colored text is kept at a minimum.

  • External resources are hyperlinked (no URLs in the course)

  • No acronyms

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