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The Ultimate Listening Tour

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

I once made a shift between competitive organizations in the same industry. It would have been so easy for me to come in and simply duplicate the same program - yet, after a few instrumental 1:1s, I quickly realized that approach would not resonate with the culture at the second company. By giving myself some time to deeply understand the challenges and speak the language of the teams I was supporting, I was able to create a strategic framework that was right for that unique business culture.

Purpose of Listening Tour

A listening tour is a series of intentional interviews with your colleagues to gather information, insights and ideas on how your role can be most effective. A listening tour allows the team to contribute their perspective in a crucial time where a new enablement leader will be defining strategy - something that should never be done in a vacuum!


You'll likely be provided with a list of key 1:1s. Don't be afraid to reach beyond that for a more diverse perspective. Employees and leaders have different vantage points of an organization, so it's important to take a multi-level approach. Consider cross-functional partners as Enablement often supports the efficiency of the joints/handoffs of the customer journey.

Be consistent - ask the same high-level questions to all parties so you can start to see trends in responses. Determine these questions in advance and add them to the agenda so your partners recognize that this conversation is more than just the traditional "get-to-know-you" first 1:1 they may be used to. You may want to layer in more specific questions based on how closely you'll interact with the role.

Check out this template for some additional inspiration!

Pair the anecdotal feedback with a quantitative data report to understand where there may be disconnects - surfacing conflicting information can be as beneficial as surfacing trends. Partner with someone from Revenue Operations to support this part of your Listening Tour. (See my previous blog on Data Strategy to learn more about what intel to gather!)

Present the results and gain alignment on the perspective. Ensure key stakeholders understand the insights shared and focus on how these interact with any initiatives/priorities that are in flight.


By conducting a listening tour, you gain a comprehensive view on where the enablement function can add value. You establish credibility as a collaborative cross-functional leader. Finally, you inform a strategic roadmap that aligns with what's important to the business.

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