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Feel the Rhythm: Defining an Operating Rhythm (Template Included)

Feel the rhythm - and never miss a beat! ;)

Have you ever felt like repeatable events somehow sneak up on you unexpectedly? Maybe its your company's Quarterly Product Trainings or the Annual Kick Off?

Have you ever planned to do something and just never been able to prioritize it because other initiatives keep popping up... only to feel the pain at a later date? Potentially those pesky content and system audits.

Have you ever added 1:1s to your calendar only to have them consume your all of your valuable heads down work time? No one wants that back-to-back zoom life!

Operating rhythms are a set of pre-defined process of communication and interactions that should be present between different parties and departments.

The goal of an operating rhythm is not much different than the goal of an enablement function - to drive efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in productivity! Enablement pros are often referred to as "orchestrators" as we direct multiple work streams to ensure rep readiness. Crafting operating rhythms can help move an enablement function from reactive and tactical to proactive and strategic.

Here is a simplified template that you can use to get started! Enablement Operating Rhythm

While my intent is for this to be used by enablement pros to lock in their personal operating rhythm, there are a variety of use cases for a similar template. You could use this to map a sales coaching rhythm, use multiple tabs for visibility to an entire team's rhythm, use as the basis for a time and motion study - possibilities are endless.

Last word of advice is to revisit your operating rhythm regularly and eliminate extra meetings or activities that no longer serve you!

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