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Community Spotlight: Cassie Enciso

Cassie Enciso

Director of Operations, NAI Puget Sound Properties

How do you define enablement?

Enablement is a bridge builder! By building a collaborative culture that strategically aligns sales, marketing, and all customer-facing roles, enablement helps increase revenue through a variety of initiatives customized to the goals of the organization with measurable successes and consistent messaging. I’m particularly passionate about the role that technology can play in supporting these initiatives and creating a more productive and efficient sales org.

Describe your current role.

As the Director of Operations of a commercial real estate (CRE) firm, I wear a lot of hats! My job is to optimize our company’s infrastructure so that our brokers can be as effective as possible. I believe in maximizing the tech stack ROI, I am energized by utilizing the best technology at the right moment to solve pain points and problems.

Briefly walk through your journey to get where you are today.

I joined NAI Puget Sound Properties as an Administrative Assistant within two weeks of graduating college. I had very little knowledge of the CRE industry, but I’m a naturally helpful person, and this trait was a huge factor in my ability to thrive in a challenging professional services industry. I was promoted to the Marketing Manager role within a couple years of joining the company. I love content marketing! The creativity required of this role made 8 years go by quickly! I took the company through a full rebranding to modernize our image, and as I stepped into greater confidence and leadership, I realized that I could solve problems and tangibly contribute to the elevation of the company. I made a mental shift from being a reactive role to a proactive collaborator.

4.5 years ago, I stepped into the Director of Operations role. With an even greater leadership position, I dove right into modernizing infrastructure and implementing digital transformation projects to align with the President’s goals of increasing revenue and retaining/recruiting top talent. We’ve accomplished a lot in a short period of time!

What’s next? In October 2020, I embarked on an informational interview journey to speak to 2-3 people a week to help me answer that question! When I had my first conversation with an Enablement leader, I instantly felt like I had found my people. I’m looking forward to utilizing my marketing and operations experience and pivoting to an Enablement role in the near future!

What’s your proudest accomplishment?

When I was still in the Marketing Manager role, I led the implementation of Buildout, a CRE industry specific SaaS program that drastically changed the marketing efficiencies of my department. This was also the first SaaS program for the company and the first time I needed to make a strong business case for a program that I really believed in. Six years have passed, and Buildout is still a major contributor to NAI Puget Sound Properties’ broker enablement. This project was the first of many digital implementation projects, and the project that sparked my passion for finding the right technology to increase efficiencies!

What’s your advice to someone getting started in enablement?

Learn! There is an overwhelming amount of resources out there to support your pivot into this field. Start with Dave Lichtman’s Finding a Career in Sales Enablement webinar. Take HubSpot’s Sales Enablement certification. Read The Sales Enablement Playbook by Cory Bray and Hilmon Sorey and Enablement 3.0: The Blueprint to Sales Enablement Excellence by Roderick Jefferson. With those under your belt, see if Whitney Sieck’s Enablement Enthusiast Career Trajectory package is a good fit to help you assess the gaps in your knowledge/experience and make the shift into the enablement mindset!

Network! The generosity and passion leaders within this field have for Enablement is inspiring and infectious! If you are like me when I first began this journey, you have experience in enablement, but you might not have the right industry jargon to highlight that experience effectively! I started with networking and that networking helped me discover the learning. I’m flipping these because my first informational conversations would have been more productive if I had learned from the resources above first!

What are you doing to develop yourself?

I’m doing all the “Learn!” items I’ve listed above, and I’m thrilled to have joined communities like The Enablement Squad and the newly started WiSE (Women in Sales Enablement) Seattle chapter.


Connect with Cassie on LinkedIn!

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