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Community Spotlight: Adriana Romero

Adriana Romero

Go-to-Market Enablement Manager, Clearbanc

How do you define enablement?

A function that helps sales eliminate roadblocks - this can be in the form of learning, updates and new processes.

Describe your current role.

As Go-to-Market Enablement Manager at

Clearbanc, I oversee the Enablement team (coaches) and work with different stakeholders in Product, Marketing and Operations to keep the sales team up to date. I also manage the sales team onboarding, playbooks creation and update and coaching the reps to make them more efficient everyday.

Briefly walk through your journey to get where you are today.

I am an Engineer that stumbled into sales like most of us did, by accident! :) After spending many years in sales - technology, beer, retail - I was looking for something meaningful to do as part of my professional journey and found Enablement. I was lucky to have had the support to make the move (2016) and it has been a great journey. I was the only sales person in a team of L&D experts and I have been able to learn and get to where I am today thanks to the many people with whom I have shared my path with.

What’s your proudest accomplishment?

Maybe not Enablement related - directly - but I am proud to be an immigrant that overcame hurdles and was able to develop professionally in a new country. I am a Latina woman, so I am of 2 minority groups. I am proud I never let anything or anyone stop me from getting to where I wanted to get!

What’s your advice to someone getting started in enablement?

To sit down with every role in your sales floor and really understand the issues and needs they have. Identify those people that are natural in wanting to help and work with them. Be humble and learn everyday. Also, learn about the rest of the company and meet frequently with people in other departments. You are the connection with sales!

What are you doing to develop yourself?

I read a lot, listen to podcasts, try to attend webinars and keep myself close to professional groups like SES and WiSE. (I am the WiSE Toronto chapter lead.)


Connect with Adriana on LinkedIn!

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