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While my career has spanned several industries and titles, I am a sales person at heart who’s found a passion for enabling sales teams. I’ve spent the majority of my career pioneering the enablement efforts both within my own sales teams and also on behalf of clients sales organizations.

I’ve scaled enablement teams ranging from 2 to 20 people in support of Global sales organizations ranging in size from 5-2000+. I’ve led teams that have been responsible for enabling sales organizations, touching every point of a sellers tenure including onboarding and ramp, continuous skill development, implementing and driving adoption of new tools and technology, and driving change management and organizational transformation initiatives.

My specialty is defining, evolving, and executing global sales strategies. Transformation is at the heart of everything that I do, and people are at the heart of every transformation. My approach and the credibility I bring allows me to challenge global sales teams to think differently about their customers, and pull together to innovate on a global scale.

My unique background as a Sales Leader, Consultant and Sales Training partner enables me to build the skills and behaviors in people that are critical in high performing sales teams. In previous roles, I’ve had a long track record of achievement throughout my career and have contributed to a 100% improvement in quota attainment for top global account teams.

Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller

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